Produce Tips

This should be a simple guide to help you keep your veggies their best for longer.

Kale- wrap kale in a wet paper towel or dish towel and put in crisper. Should last 10 days.

Cauliflower- put cauliflower head in a loose plastic bag with a paper towel inside to absorb any extra moisture. Cauliflower should last 4-7 days. May brown just a little and that is ok! 

Citrus- citrus can be left on the counter OR can be thrown in the fridge. 

Cilantro- when you get home trim the cilantro stems just a little bit. Then put the bunch of cilantro in a small cup with water. Then put a plastic bag over the leaves. Should last 10 days. 

Avocado- well avocados can be tricky. You want to eat avocados when they're black and give a little to the touch. But they're not always picked that way. So when you get your avocado and it's green you can leave it on your counter to ripen or put it in a dark cabinet. Try putting them in a brown paper bag in a dark cabinet to speed up the ripening process :)

Carrots- carrots do best in a wet environment. When you get home remove the stems (you can eat them, try carrot top pesto). Then rinse the carrots in cold water. Then put your carrots in a Tupperware or glass container with a half inch of water on the bottom of the container. Carrots should last a very long time!

Apples- apples can just be left on your counter in the fruit bowl. Or thrown in the fridge. Up to you!

Onions & Garlic- these items should be kept on the counter and out of direct sunlight.

Bananas- bananas can be left on the counter in your fruit bowl.

Lettuce- if you're feeling super motivated and vegtastic you should chop, rinse and dry your lettuce RIGHT when you get home. Then put the clean chopped lettuce in an air tight tupperware and leave it in your fridge. If your not feeling vegtastic right then & there just wrap your lettuce in a wet paper towel or kitchen cloth and throw it in your veggie crisper. 

Strawberries- strawberries should be put in an air tight tupperware and put in the fridge.

Potatoes- potatoes can be left on the counter but do not leave them in direct sunlight.

Broccoli- broccoli lasts in the fridge for a while when you put it in a plastic bag and throw it in your crisper.

Celery- Celery can just get thrown in the fridge in the crisper.

Zucchini- zucchini can get thrown in the fridge in the crisper.

Sweet Potatoes- Sweet Potatoes can get put on the counter. They prefer cool dark spaces.

Bell Peppers- bells can be put in the fridge crisper.