| Below is a typical Fall box |


1. Choose School Food Box.

2. Choose the school you are associated with.

3. Complete the sign up process.

You'll receive a $25 farm box of awesome all organic produce delivered to the school you are associated with. On Friday you will receive an email letting you know what will be inside of your next box. From then, you can shop our add on store and shop for organic bulk grains, fresh baked organic breads, produce and more. On the day of delivery you will receive another email with recipes on how to prepare the best family style meals and tips on how to store the produce. 


When you are apart of the School Food Box service it makes it easy to:

Receive Top Quality- What a difference it is to taste something that was JUST harvested. Fragrant vine ripe tomatoes, crisp lettuces, oily avocados!  Not only does it taste drastically better but there is so much nutrition in itself.

Know Your Farmer– Our farmers are trustful and only used certified organic farming practices. There are many "loops" farmers go around trying to advertise their farming practices as "natural, or no spray no pesticide." In all honestly that doesn't mean anything. They probably do spray and they probably are using pesticides. Certified organic ensures there are no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers and sprays. When you choose School Food Box you can be guaranteed to only find certified organic produce in your box.

Receive Best Value- We try our best to pack an amazing box at the best possible price. Because we work with farmers directly our cost is more affordable than other farm box companies. 

Invest in Your School – School Food Box gives back $3 back to your school per box delivered. That's a lot of money per school year!