School Food Box was born in 2017 after we were asked by a young friend to help fundraise for his school. He was selling GMO cookie dough to try to raise money to get his class to Astro Camp. We bought the cookie dough (didn't eat it) and learned that his class raised enough funds to get themselves to Astro Camp. Hooray! But we all know that GMO cookie dough isn't the best for ourselves so we were left wondering, "how can we help in a healthier way?"

At the time we already had an organic farm box program established and we thought that somehow it would be RAD to collaborate with schools to combine organic food & fundraising. So we designed a concept that would let parents pick up their organic fruit & veg at their child's school all while putting money back into it. We give $3 back to the school per box delivered. We hope you're inspired by the idea and we can't wait to see where our boxes takes your school.