Establishing your child's school as a pick up location is a great way to raise money all while receiving an awesome farm box. And it’s easy to get started! All that needs to be done is to secure a pick up spot on campus is convenient for parents & staff. This is usually a table in the quad, next to the office or by the parking lot. The key is that the boxes need to be seen so the program grows! Once we’ve secured a spot we can add the school to the website and we can start taking sign ups! We provide the flyers for the first big announcement that would go home with the students. Once families sign up we handle all payments, communication, problems and cancelations. We write out checks for the schools at the end of the month.

fundraising revenue based on a 40 week school year

"We’ve gotten our farm box for the last year and it has been awesome for our family of 4.  It’s fun to get the emails with recipes, add on to our box, and support local farmers.  My kids end up trying more things and it gets me out of my rut of rotating the same go-to favorites. Best of all, I can save time at the grocery store which is helpful with my work schedule."  -Kim Crail

"Having fresh veggies and fruits delivered weekly has been amazing for our family.  It saves me time at the market and gets the kids involved with cooking.  The kids are willing to try any vegetable now that they are helping unpack our weekly box and are cooking up delicious fresh meals!" -Catherine Stoll 

"Our farm box is the best! Not only is it convenient to pick up from my daughter's preschool but it's always full of great organic fruits & veggies. We get some of our favorites and get the opportunity to try new things. We have two young kids in our family and getting them to eat veggies is not always easy but they are always excited to eat the great produce from our farm box."  -Katy Smith 

" Our family loves the farm box for its convenience and quality! I love getting the weekly email to see what we can expect. It’s convenient knowing that we can add to our order each week, especially when we forget something at the store or the Saturday Farmers Market . The farm box  helps us to plan our grocery shopping and meals and we know that we will receive the highest quality organic produce. The bread is amazing, too!  I also love being able to hold our order (or donate) if we are out of town or not needing much produce a particular week. We love our farm box!  -Kim Valentine 

"We love the Farm Cart!  Every week we look forward to getting our fresh veggies conveniently dropped off at our kids school.  The recipe suggestions along with the weekly surprise of organic produce brings excitement and spontaneity to our meals." -Blaine Lando

"We love our Farm Cart Organics box! It’s super easy to grab from school when we go to pick up the kids and they get excited to see what’s in the box. This weekly routine gives us a chance to talk about where our food comes from and the importance of healthy foods for our bodies. There’s something about getting food directly from the farms rather than a store that makes our kids willing to try new things. I love how Katherine shares a little bit of background about what’s in the box and a recipe or two (including a shopping list!) for the week. As household with two working parents, it’s a great way to make our lives just a little easier." -Elizabeth Musson