Where do we source our produce from?

Santa Barbara county is blessed with an exceptional growing climate and talented organic growers. Most of our produce is local and we source it from farms in Santa Barbara and Ventura county. However, in order to put together an awesome box we get produce from all over California. We guarantee your produce is always fresh and 100% certified organic.

Do I have to get a box weekly?

NO! We want this to work for you! Once you’ve completed the sign up process completely, you can log into your member dashboard and change your delivery schedule HOWEVER you’d like. Want a box just once a month? Sure! As long as you’re setting the schedule you can expect to only be charged and get a box when you have a scheduled delivery.


How does the subscription work? 

You sign-up for a subscription of certified organic fruits and vegetables, delivered to your child’s school You pick up your farm box from school one day of the week, depending on the location. We will send you an email with the contents of the box and plenty of recipes to learn how to use your produce. If the farm box model doesn't work for your family you can cancel your membership anytime.  


Is this going to be enough or too much food for my family?

Our farm box provides 8-12 types of organic fruits and vegetables and provides generously 3-4 people.


How do I put a box on hold if I am going on a vacation?

Please go directly into your school food box account online, go to your box schedule, and put a hold on the dates you will be gone. OR gift your box to another family at your school. Help us spread the word about our farm boxes! And just a friendly reminder, the box deadline to make changes to your boxes is two days before your delivery date.


What if I forget to pick up my farm box?

Forgetting just happens, we all do it. You can find your drop sites phone number on our website and call to see if they still have your farm box. You may get lucky and it might still be there after drop time hours! However School Food Box is not responsible for forgotten boxes and your box may be donated after hours.


What do I do with my empty farm box?

Re-using our boxes is the responsible thing to do and it helps keep our overhead low, which translates into keeping our prices low for you. In order to do this effectively, the boxes need to be returned. We encourage our members to bring their own bag when they pick up their box and to leave the box at the site.