We have participated in produce boxes before and never stuck with them because we either, pick up was inconvenient, or it just cost too much.  And then...we met School Food Box.  It has been the best produce box for so many reasons.  Pick up and drop off is seamless and just part of our kid-school-pick-up routine.  The variety of the box is particularly impressive and the boxes somehow avoid the fennel bulb blues, even in the bleakest produce months.  The price is incredibly competitive -  I can’t come close to buying the quantity and quality of produce at the farmers market for the same price.   My kids look forward every week to finding out what’s in the box and I swear it has made them more amenable to trying more “exotic” produce.   It certainly forces me out of my steamed broccoli rut. And, the owners just really care about doing a quality business.  On the rare times we have received suboptimal produce, the owners always credit our account and do it with cheer to boot! I can’t think of a reason not to subscribe to School Food Box produce box unless you just don’t eat fruits and veggies, in which case, you actually should definitely subscribe so you can start!”

Jill Martin
Peabody School member since 2017
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